Imagine a world where speaking against the ruling Party is punishable by death. Consider the cost to free speech should that Party be in power for centuries. What do you do if you (and just about everyone else) know that the Party, despite its self-proclaimed status, is evil through and through? How do you pass that information to the next generation? You have to get clever, very, very clever. Or you die, horribly.

Such had been the situation throughout the western world. Since around 1400 CE the Heresy laws curtailed any religious dissent, while the Blasphemy Act of 1697 shut the lid on any open religious discussion. You were either in or out, and out was not a nice place to be.

Why this draconian silencing of free speech? Because, if the truth should ever come out, the Party's true identity and nature would be revealed.

'The Hunting of the Snark' is just one of those very clever ways in which knowledge was kept alive. William Blake's 'Jerusalem' is another, this going so far as to denounce those that built 'Jerusalem' in England as Satanic. Amazingly he got away with it for quite a while (though the powers-that-be eventually copped on and changed the wording of the hymn - thus proving his point).

Resistance to the imposed religion is everywhere, if you know how to look, for it is hidden in plain sight, often in the most surprising and unlikely of places. The following video highlights a multitude of examples, including songs, hymns, art, nursery rhymes and royalty :