Find real star pictures with easy to follow animations.

(Star Strike videos are best viewed in a darkened environment)

The Leaping Dolphin, like all other Star Strike pictures, looks realistic and fits the stars. Piecing together the pictures in the stars may take a few attempts (this is normal) but once you've 'got the picture' you'll have it forever.


 '1, 2 Buckle my Shoe' and other nursery rhymes are brilliant tools for learning the stars. The amusing, easy to remember words smoothly lead your eyes around the night sky. With just a few rhymes you can be star perfect in no time.


Amazing star pictures from the world of myth and mystery:
November to January

The Key of Heaven ~ Star of Stars ~ Camping (on the whale) ~ Holy Cow!~ Beautiful Unicorn ~ Fairy Boot ~ The Lion of Ra ~ The Grim Reaper ~ The Flying Witch ~ The Follower ~ Stinky Bear ~ The Crux.

January to March

The Old Draconian ~ One Giant Leap ~ The Patient Dog ~ Newborn Lamb ~  Face Two Faced ~ Jumping the Broomstick ~ The Hunter ~ The Acrobats ~ Sexy Six ~ Santa comes a-calling ~ Hunted Hare ~ Lonesome Sheep.


March to May

The Mermaid ~ Omega Hare ~ The Campsite ~ Magic Mushroom ~ The King's Horses ~ Shield Bearer ~ Bath Chiba ~ The Odd Thinker ~ Sword of Damocles ~ Tooth Fairy ~ Taste of Snark ~ Sea Snake Camel.

May to July

The Warrior ~ Pointing Hand ~ Good Samaritan ~ Doubtful Twins ~ Licking Mouth ~ A Stitch in Time ~ Beam Carrier ~ The Great Bear ~ Arthur's Chariot ~ Cry Wolf! ~ Jacob's Ladder ~ Eager Beaver.

Become star-perfect using Nursery Rhymes.

Including: Three Blind Mice ~ One, Two Buckle my Shoe ~ The Lion and the Unicorn ~ Pop! goes the weasel ~ What are little boys made of?

These enigmatic rhymes from childhood, far from being nonsense, are the ultimate tools for learning the stars.

 We highly recommend using an app like Stellarium to find the exact times for seeing the stars.

The Emu

(one for our friends Down Under)


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