F A Qs

1. Do I need any equipment to use Star Strike?

No, this is raw star watching, for naked eye observations only.

2. Do I need WiFi or Data package to use this App?

Yes, but we are planning to release an off-line version.

3. How do I start & pause the video? View Tutorial.

Use the Star Strike button to start and pause the videos.

4. What is the 'Got it!' button for?

Press when you find the image in the stars!

5. What are the numbers with the 'Got it!' button?

This shows number of Star Strikers who have seen this image.

6. How accurate are the times and locations of each image?

These are approximate. Stellarium shows exact times in your location.


7. What is the best time to go star watching?

Anytime, but it's easier as stars appear or if there is a moon.

8. How do I know which direction to face?

'More Info' shows how to find North by using the stars.

9. Who is this App suitable for?

Anyone. Star Strike is for all the family.

10. The stars are hard to see in the videos.

The App is designed to be used in the dark, with the stars.

11. When will Strikes 2 and 3 be released?

Strike 2 coming in March 2021 and Strike 3 in July 2021.

12. How do I contact the Star Strike team?

E-mail: starstrike.warrior5@icloud.com