Star Strike - star watching App for everyone.

~ Just you and the stars ~

No need for costly equipment - your mind is the most powerful tool.

We highly recommend using an app like Stellarium to find the exact times for seeing the stars.
Real, Raw and Uncensored.

Stunning images that bring the night sky vividly alive.

The Grim Reaper scythes east to west from late June to January.

Delve into a forgotten world of star art, myth and mystery.

Star Strike is the ONLY App that gives you an amazing array of beautiful night sky pictures, ones you can really see with the naked eye. The app is designed to be used while looking at the stars so for best results use this app in a darkened environment.

All are brought to life with easy to follow animations which show where, when and how to find:

  • Animals, of fact (e.g. lions) and fable (e.g. unicorns).
  • Angels and witches.
  • Mythological heroes and villains.
  • Nursery Rhymes, their purpose revealed.
  • The pictures behind constellation and star names.

This stellar imagery is as visible today as it was a thousand years ago. Whether you are a casual observer or seasoned star watcher once you've seen a few 'real star pictures' the night sky will never look the same .